Me, About

I'm Caucasian, a shade under 5' 7", thinning brown hair, brown eyes.

Pills make me gag, unless they're really, really small. Seriously, I can't swallow vitamins.

The sound of styrofoam makes me cringe.

I once ate the deep-fried head of a shrimp, which I immediately regretted.

Spiders are the only legitimate argument for the existence of Satan, as far as I'm concerned.

My legs are significantly shorter than my torso and I'm very aware of that.

Most of my clothes are blue.

I used to hate green olives and now I can't get enough of'em.

And the last bit of information you should probably know about me is that, as a little league baseball player, I used to wear sports goggles. You know, like the ones Chris Sabo used to wear? I think this explains a lot.