Thursday, December 23, 2010

Leaven Life: Baking Tip

Don't try to bake while taking care of a baby. Baking and baby do not mix. I've attempted to bake bread several times since becoming a parent, and I usually end up with dough in trash and flour on baby.

These are two loaves of Stollen bread I baked recently while Lucy was in the care of someone else:

And what do you get when you make Christmas goodies while watching a 4 month old? Chocolate on baby:


Anonymous said...

Babies can be difficult in any situation especially when the likelihood of burning or searing is increased. Yet, I wonder if your bread would have tasted that much different from your non- baby batch? Or would it have just looked different?

Sub-sub-librarian said...

Well, non-baby bread doesn't taste all that different. It's just easier to make. You're right, baby bread and baby roast and baby pan-fried green tomatoes are difficult. Very difficult.