Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sub-sub-custodian: The Hand

So I've got the whole bathroom to myself at work, and I'm sitting down in a stall, doing things that require you to sit down in a bathroom stall. Operations are in process. Stuff is happening.

I hear the door open and the distinct sound of a custodian cart rolling into the bathroom.

I am no longer alone. Fine.

I hear the door of the stall next to me open. Whatever. My business goes on.

And while I'm totally in medias res I see this latexed hand appear below me, jutting under the stall-wall, leaving a roll of toilet paper and disappearing before I can even compute what's happening...

Right under my left cheek. The guy delivered some toilet paper. Couldn't wait until I was done.

And I wasn't even low on paper in there...

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