Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Bloomsday

All of the action in James Joyce's Ulysses takes place on June 16th, 1904. Fans of the book celebrate the date as Bloomsday, named after the main character Leopold Bloom. It's basically another Irish holiday excuse to drink. Here's a refresher on Ulysses--a comix adaptation of the novel. Looks like it's not completed, though.


TheUnderToad said...

We celebrate Bloomsday in Spokane, WA with an 8 mile "run." There are over 60,000 participants.

We call it Bloomsday.

Sub-sub-librarian said...

Huh. I looked that up and at first thought it was just a coincidence, since the full title is "The Lilac Bloomsday Run" and it's not held on Bloomsday (it's on May 1st this year). But then I read on their website that it actually is a reference to Joyce's Ulysses.

I'm just confused as to why they don't hold it on June 16th. Too hot? In Washington?